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About Us

About Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital

Chicago Exotics has been in business since 2000. We've been quickly establishing ourselves as the region's premier exotic animal hospital. Our mission is to be the best care facility in the Chicago land area for avian and exotic animals.

We do offer 24 hour critical care services in association with our emergency partners, Blue Pearl Skokie, located in the same building.

Take a tour of the facility.

Meet our Staff

Susan Horton, DVM, pictured with Misty the Black Palm Cockatoo

Dr. Susan Horton is a University of Illinois graduate (class of 1995). Her interest in birds and exotic animals followed her into veterinary school where she worked for four years with the Director of Exotic Animal Medicine at the veterinary college, Dr. Kenneth Welle ABVP avian.  With Dr. Welle, Dr. Horton gained valuable experience and knowledge in the care of reptiles, birds, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and other small mammals, as well as ostriches, emus, and fish. Also while at the University of Illinois, Dr. Horton took an elective course in reptile and aquatic medicine through Texas A&M University (Aquamed) and the aquatic rotation and University of Florida CVM, Gainesville.  She attends several of the yearly veterinary conferences on avian, reptilian, and exotic animal medicine.  Through these venues she has continued her education in medicine, surgery, cytology, radiology, and all other aspects of avian, reptilian, and exotic animal medicine.

Dr. Horton has not confined her knowledge and expertise to the walls of a veterinary hospital. Both Brookfield Zoo and the Shedd Aquarium have used her services.  She has also worked with the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources in censusing the zoonotic diseases (contractible by people) of the local and statewide population of raccoons. She has lectured to the Northern Illinois Parrot Society, the University of Illinois, and has been published in the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, Journal of Herpetologic Medicine and Surgery,  and "Invertebrate Biology".  She is a member of the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians where she is chair for the "What's your diagnosis?" section of the journal and co-chair for the Membership/Public Relations/Social Media Committee, and she is also a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, AAZV, and AVMA.    She has been an associate editor for the Journal of Reptilian and Amphibian Medicine and the Exotic DVM Magazine.  The Red Door Animal Shelter, (http://www.reddoorshelter.org) uses her rabbit expertise with their many wonderful bunnies.  She is also a member of the Turtle Survival Alliance.  Through this organization, she helps endangered Asian turtles by volunteering time, medicine, and her home to foster turtles.  Recently, Dr. Horton took an endoscopy class at University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Pictured below with Dr. Horton is Boris the iguana.




















Dr. Horton has her own assortment of exotic (and not so exotic) pets including: geckos, cockatiels, frogs, fish, cats, and one dog. In her "spare" time, Dr. Horton likes gardening, scuba diving, bird watching, camping, canning, brewing, bee keeping, and beading (and working on this website).

Dr. Horton appeared in a Chicago Magazine article profiling Chicago's top veterinarians.




Stephanie Moy, DVM

Dr. Stephanie Moy graduated from the University of Illinois in 2010.  While attending school, she volunteered in the wildlife clinic.  During her third year, she became a team leader.  She was active in several student organizations.  During her senior year she did two externships; one at John G. Shedd Aquarium and one at the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife at Sanibel Island, Florida.  After graduating from veterinary school, she still continues to volunteer at the John G. Shedd Aquarium.  Prior to joining Chicago Exotics, she worked at another animal clinic where she treated dogs, cats, and exotic animals. 

Dr. Moy’s love of exotics stems from her 25 year old cockatiel.  In her spare time, Dr. Moy likes to read, listen to music, cook/bake, and trying to be crafty. 




Pictured above is Katy Parr, DVM. 

Dr. Parr graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004.  While there, she focused in exotic animal medicine, and was involved in several of the school clubs.  Dr. Parr was President of the Wildlife, Avian, Zoo and Exotic Medicine club, and Co-chair of the Raptor and Wildlife Rehabilitation Unit for 2 years.  Dr. Parr also completed several externships during vet school, including the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Wildlife Center of Virginia,  and Niles Animal Hospital.  During these externships, Dr. Parr realized that her true passion for practice was with clients and their exotic animal companions.  She enjoys supporting the bond that people have with their pets.


When not at work Dr. Parr enjoys home brewing, bike-riding, reading and yoga.  She lives with an African Grey Parrot named Monty and a cat named Juliet.


Deanne Strat-Zenoni, DVM is one of our part-time veterinarians.  She loves exotic medicine, but also practices emergency, acupuncture and chiropractic medicine.  She is pictured below holding a Lemur from the Torango Zoo. 


Dana Varble, DVM joined our staff in 2011. She pictured above.

She received her DVM from University of Illinois and her Zoology B.S. from Southern Illinois University.  Her special interests are venomous bites and stings, exotic pets, wildlife, and zoo animals, working canines, soft tissue and non-invasive surgery techniques.  Dr Varble is currently the President of the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Medicine.

In her spare time she volunteers for Search and rescue operations and trains her bloodhound, Calhoun, as a trailing search dog. She also has a walker coonhound - Penny, a Rottweiler mix - Dottie, two cats - Thomas and Abe, and two ball pythons - Jake and Phil.

“I like to put myself in my patient’s and client’s position and use the knowledge I have to strike a balance that best serves both of them.” DV


Kelly, pictured below, comes with lots of avian experience.  She also loves rabbits and guinea pigs.






Pictured above is Rachel with a Lion head rabbit.  Rachel has joined our full time team of technicians.  She is very interested in animal behavior!


Pictured below is Marcia.  She works as a receptionist and an assistant.  You can see she likes chickens, but her favorite animals are rabbits!!  She is also involved with Red Door Animal Shelter.   She is a journalist when not helping us!





Pictured here is Lisa, one of our technicians.  She has a great love for all of the critters we see!









Here is our front Desk Manager Lamor.  She is pictured below with some of her favorite pets.

I finally caught Tina on film!  She's pictured below with Lemiwinks, our mouse mascot.  Tina is one of our daytime receptionists.  




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