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Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital
3757 W. Dempster St.
Skokie, IL   60076  map

847-329-8705 Fax

Our business hours

9 am - 6 pm  Monday, Thursday, Friday

9 am - 6 pm Tuesday and Wednesday 

9 am - Noon  Sat

Closed on Sunday

Patients seen by appointment only

We are closed on all major holidays and may be closed on Saturdays that follow holidays.  Please call ahead.

Please print and fill out this form and bring it with you to your appointment if you are a new client:

Please also fill out an Avian, Mammalian, Amphibian, Fish, or Reptile history form before you come in. Just print then fill out these forms before your next visit and bring them with you.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment so that we can enter all this information into the computer.

We offer the following appointments: 

bulletHealth Exam or Recheck Exam -- This 30 to 60 minute appointment is available for avian and exotic pets that are ill (or have a new problem), for wellness exams, or to monitor progress on an existing problem.  Either Dr. Horton, Dr.Moy, Dr. Parr or Dr. Strat will talk to you as she examines your pet and comes up with a plan to diagnose and treat any problems.  This is also the time to discuss any husbandry questions, nutritional or behavioral concerns, or just ask general questions about your exotic pet.
bulletRabbits, Ferrets, other small mammals, marsupials, and Guinea Pigs:  A fresh fecal sample should  be brought along so we may screen for certain illnesses.
bulletBirds: Please remember to bring a few hours worth of fresh droppings along with your bird as these provide vital clues to your bird's health.
bulletReptiles and Amphibians: Please remember to bring in a fresh fecal sample with your reptile or amphibian so we may screen for parasites.
bulletFish:  A fresh, separate from the fish water sample should be brought along.  Please also bring an air pump and air stone with to keep you fish well oxygenated.
bulletDrop-off Exam -- If you're on the go but have a pet that needs care, you may arrange to leave your pet with us.  Drop-off appointments allow you to get your pet to the hospital before our normal appointment hours or allow you to drop off a pet sometime during the morning without waiting around for the examination.  The doctors will examine your pet and call you back with recommendations about its care.  You may pick your pet up at your convenience later that day or, if needed, have your pet spend the night with us and pick up the following day. There is an additional charge for this kind of appointment.
bulletEmergency Exam -- If you have an exotic pet that needs urgent care during our office hours, we'll strive to see you right away.  Call first to check our availability.  If we can't help you, we'll direct you to another veterinarian who can.  There is an additional charge for this kind of appointment.
bulletTechnician Services -- Our technicians are able to provide many services such as nail trims, grooming of wings and nails, administering medications, Lupron injections, and various other minor procedures that are needed for your pet's good health and appearance.
bulletDental Exam --  These are scheduled every 30 minutes and are for the rabbits that have been diagnosed with dental disease.  The doctor performs the procedure as previously prescribed at the last health exam.
bulletLaser Therapy -- These are scheduled every 30 minutes and are designed for one laser therapy session.  Your pet may need two laser therapy sessions in one day, so you may want to arrange a drop-off or expect to be in the office for 90 minutes.




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