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If your cockatiel looks like this, you need to contact us right away!

!! Emergency Care !!

Contact Us

You can contact us during business hours

9am - 6 pm  Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri

9am - Noon  Sat

Closed         Sun

Chicago Exotics, PC.
3757 W. Dempster St.
Skokie, IL 60076

(847) 329-8709

Off Hours Care

If you feel that your pet is seriously ill and cannot wait until we are in the office, you can contact these emergency practices.  They may be able to help you determine if you are having an emergency.  See the list at the bottom of the page for helpful descriptions.  Please do not contact Blue Pearl to refill prescriptions.  They cannot do this for you. 

We will provide transport for your exotic pet back and forth from Blue Pearl Skokie to our facility if you are an existing client.

Blue Pearl Illinois

3735 W. Dempster St.
Skokie, IL 60076

(847) 673-9110


Reasons to think your exotic needs an emergency visit:

Birds:  Any weakness, staying on the bottom of the cage not perching, fluffed up while perched, sleeping a lot, not talking or singing (if normally does), loose droppings, not eating, blood in droppings, blood loss of any kind, prolonged straining to pass stool or egg.

Ferrets: diarrhea, vomiting, pawing at the mouth (may indicate nausea due to dangerously low blood sugar), frequent trips to the litter box with little or no urine production, pain in the abdomen, depression, lack of appetite.

Rabbits, small mammals, marsupials: Diarrhea or decreased numbers of stools, lack of appetite, weak or depressed, painful when lifted or touched, head tilted to one side, rolling, flipping.

Reptiles/Amphibians: weak or unresponsive, open-mouthed breathing, tremoring or twitching, prolonged lack of appetite, frantic movements, bloody droppings, prolonged straining to pass stool or egg.

Fish: Rapid respirations, thick slime coating on body, red or white blotches on skin, listless, rubbing frantically against bottom of tank, loss of equilibrium. 

Of course, if you are in doubt, give us a call and we will help you assess whether your companion is having an emergency situation.

Remember to warm up your car adequately in the winter and bundle up your pet in an appropriate carrier and blankets.  In summer, be cautious not to over heat your bird, ferret, rabbit, small mammal, or marsupial in a hot car.



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