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Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital


We accept 3rd and 4th year veterinary students for externships. We recommend that you spend 4-6 weeks with us in order to give you exposure to a wide variety of pets. If your schedule does not allow this extended period, we may schedule externships of shorter duration where possible. If you are interested, please submit a letter of intent along with a curriculum vitae to externsce@earthlink.net.

General Job Description for Externship in Exotic Animal Medicine

Externs are typically 3rd or 4th year veterinary students that have a strong interest in the care of nontraditional pets. Externs are expected to spend a 6 week rotation at the hospital but exceptions may be made for shorter or longer stays. Externs are ancillary positions to the hospitalís veterinarians, technicians, and customer service staff. The externs will assist the doctor and technicians with a patient during the taking of a medical history, examination, diagnosis, and treatment phases. The externs will help maintain the veterinary facilities, equipment, veterinary records, and supplies. They also assist in the care of boarding animals. The externs are expected to participate fully in all aspects of patient care under the supervision of the hospital staff. The hospital is open 6 days a week with some evening hours. Externs are expected to work 40+ hrs/week.

Qualifications / Requirements

1) Currently enrolled in veterinary school as a junior or senior with prior experience in a clinical setting

2) AVMA PLIT Insurance for externs (or its equivalent for international students)

3) Preference given to students with demonstrable experience in the fields of exotic animal husbandry, medical care, or natural history

4) Work requires lifting and carrying animals and equipment up to forty (40) pounds (will be assisted by other staff members in lifting items over 40 pounds). Walks or stands for extended periods of time; frequently works in a bent position. No impairment of sight, smell, hearing, touch, balance and agility of movement which might interfere with ability to work. No allergies to plants or animals which might interfere with ability to work. No immunocompetence issues which might interfere with ability to work.

5) Working Conditions: May be exposed to: unpleasant odors; loud harsh noises; zoonotic and other contagious diseases; animal feces; animal urine and other bodily fluids; animal dander; potentially dangerous and unpredictable animal species; dust; potentially dangerous chemicals (including but not limited to acid fast stain, Gram stain, cytology stains, polyvinyl alcohol, ammonia, chlorine bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds, Cidex and related gluteraldehyde products, and 10% buffered formalin); potentially dangerous drugs (including, but not limited to, opioids, chloramphenicol, and occasional waste gas such as isoflurane); radiology equipment (produces x-ray radiation); potentially dangerous machinery; etc. Frequent use of protective clothing (i.e. goggles, masks, gloves, gowns) is required.

Credits & Wages 

Externs will receive credit only if their school has approved the program. The extern is responsible for coordinating any paperwork that must be completed for the schoolís requirements. At this time no wages are paid to externs and no housing is provided. There are a variety of extended stay hotels in the area.

If you are interested in an externship with Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, send us an e-mail containing a cover letter and your CV to externsce@earthlink.net.  We will then contact you to arrange things!  You should be in veterinary school or veterinary technician school to qualify.

Pictured below is Amanda Igeta, Colorado State CVM Class of 2016.



Pictured below is Rachel Mozurez from Oregon CVM Class of 2016.


Pictured above is Britany Childs, UICVM Class of 2016.


Pictured above is Zach Coston, Purdue CVM class of 2016


Pictured below is Jessica Byerly, UICVM Class of 2015 with Oreo!

Pictured below is Ross Gottlieb, Ohio CVM Class of 2015.


Pictured below is Michelle Kushner, UICVM Class of 2015



Pictured below is Lauren Kane, UICVM Class of 2016.


Pictured below is Nikita Docken, University College of Dublin Class of 2015.

Pictured Below is Dan Loper, UICVM Class of 2015


Pictured Below is Holly Richards, UICVM Class of 2015.  Holly worked for us as a technician for many years, and is now about to become and exotic veterinarian!!  Congratulations Holly!!



Pictured below is Amanda Hernandez, Purdue Class of 2014























Pictured is Christina Hartnet, UMCVM Class of 2014 






















Pictured below is Ian Sweeny, UICVM Class of 2014

Pictured right is Courtney Harsey, Purdue Class of 2014















Pictured left is Jackie Ferdig, Iowa CVM Class of 2015.




Pictured to the right is Stuart James, Purdue CVM Class of 2014.



Pictured below is Dave Miller, Oklahoma CVM Class of 2013.

Pictured below is Jessica Yousif, St. George's Class of 2015


Pictured below is Matt Levinson, OSU Class of 2015

Pictured below is Becky Bravo, University of Missouri CVM, Class of 2013


Pictured below is Mary Hes, University of Tennessee CVM Class of 2012


Picture Below is Erica Giles, Ohio CVM Class of 2012

Pictured below is Ashley Forti, Glasgow CVMS class 0f 2015 with Erica, CVT



Pictured below is Jen, a 2011 Parkland Junior College Vet Tech student. 



Pictured below is Robert Gonzalez.  He is from the Class of 2012 at The Ohio CVM.



Recent Veterinary student Michael Miller Class of 2011 UICVM pictured below!

Veterinary Extern Randi Timmons. Class of 2010 UTCVM!
















Veterinary Extern Ann Hoang now DVM!  Class of 2009 LSUSVM.




Pictured above was one of our Veterinary Technician Interns, Erica.  She has great interest in all things exotic!!  So we hired her!


Stephanie is a member of the UICVM class of 2009.  Thanks for the great summer Steph!


Pictured above was our vet-student in the summer of 2006, Mary Grabowski.  We had a great summer in 2006 with you Mary!!  UICVM Class of 2008


Taylor O'Brien worked with us in 2006.  She was a member of the UICVM Class of 2009.

Pictured Above is Rachel Sparky, DVM; veterinary extern in 2004.


To all the interns and externs whose pictures I've misplaced, I'm sorry!  Send me your photo and I will put it up here!



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